What are Nipple Toys?

Nipple toys are sex toys that are designed especially for nipple play. Perfect for men and women, they stimulate the sensitive nerve endings in the nipples, provide pleasure and pain during BDSM play and restrict blood flow and circulation to magnify the intensity of orgasms. There is a whole world of different nipple toys, each providing different sensations and with different features and special functions. Whether you are new to the world of nipple toys or are an experienced nipple nut, here is our ultimate guide to nipple toys.

How do You Use Nipple Toys?

Nipple toys are really easy to use. All you do is attach them to your nipples, adjust the tightness settings and then you are free to pull, twist and pinch them to your heart’s content. Some nipple toys come with integrated collars for a full BDSM slave experience and can also be used to attach leashes, chains and other restraints.

What are the Different Nipple Toys Available?

There is a huge range of different nipple toys which provide unique pleasure and erotic pain. Some of the most loved nipple toys include:

  • Vibrating nipple toys: to send sweet vibes through your nerve endings like a clitoral vibrator  
  • Weighted nipple toys: to pull, tug and yank sensitive nips  
  • Electric nipple toys: perfect for nipple torture and serious BDSM lovers 
  • Integrated nipple toys and collars: for full bondage play

  • When you are first starting out on your nipple toy adventures, it is always fun to experiment with the different options available and see what you enjoy.

    Who can Use Nipple Toys?

    The great thing about nipple toys is that they can be used by everyone. Nipple toys are perfect for partner play and masturbation and are loved by men and women alike. You can clamp your own nipples to sensitise yourself during solo play or tease and torture your partner to climactic orgasms.

    Are Nipple Toys Safe to Use?

    Nipple toys are incredibly safe to use as long as you follow a few simple safety tips: 

    • Always start out on the easiest tightness setting - You can then slowly adjust the pressure as you get more comfortable
    • Prepare the nipples before use - Extensive nipple foreplay will help prepare them for your nipple toys and also heighten the sensations
    • Always have a safe word in place - This will tell your partner that you are in discomfort
    • Remove the nipple clamps safely - This is the time when sensations are most intense so massage the nipples and breasts before, during and after nipple toy removal.

    Nipple toys are must-have items in every sex toy collection and with such a diverse range of sex toys available, there is something for every kink and fetish. Nipple toys can provide unparalleled pleasure (and a pinch of naughty pain) and can be used in every type of sexual play and experimentation. If you are looking to spice up your bedroom bumpings or want to experiment with a little BDSM, nipple toys can help fulfil all your wildest fantasies.