Collection: Weighted nipple clamps

Nipple clamps are among the most popular sex toys in the world with many different types and designs. These include electric nipple clamps, nipple clamps that vibrate, nipple clamps with collars and weighted nipple clamps. Weighted clamps are some of the most popular clamps of all and are among our best sellers. They attach to the nipples just like regular clamps but their extra weight means they exert a lot of pressure and pull down hard on the nipples. This can be both pleasurable and painful (or both, depending on what you enjoy) which makes weighted nipple clamps extremely versatile sex toys.

What are Weighted Nipple Clamps Used For?

Weighted nipple clamps can be used for a huge range of kinky fun during bondage and BDSM play. Some doms like to keep their subs wearing weighted nipple clamps 24/7 as a constant physical reminder of their submission. Others like to torture their subs by pulling down even harder on the nipple clamps or even adding more weight. There are special nipple clamps with mini buckets attached which are perfect for this as you can put incrementally more weight in the buckets to increase the force. 

Weighted nipple clamps can also be used to attach chains to your sub so that you can lead them around by their nipples or keep them chained in place. You can also leave the weighted clamps in while whipping, spanking or slapping the nipples for extra pain and sensitivity. Essentially, weighted nipple clamps can be used for any kinky behaviour you can imagine!

Are Weighted Nipple Clamps Safe?

Yes, weighted nipple clamps are totally safe as long as you take certain safety precautions. The nipples and skin on your chest is very stretchy and pliable so it would take a lot of force to rip or seriously damage yourself. 

Agreeing on a safe word and signal with your partner is always important with any kind of BDSM play and this is true also for nipple clamping and abuse. If the weight or pressure is too much and the pain goes beyond your limits, just say your safe word or make your safe signal and your partner will stop.

You also need to check that your weighted nipple clamps are made from non-reactive, non-hypoallergenic materials. This will ensure that you don’t have any unpleasant reactions or allergies to your clamps so that you can use them safely whenever you like.

At Nipple Clamps UK, all of our weighted nipple clamps are made from the highest-quality materials which won’t cause you any irritation or reactions. They come in range of different styles and designs and are perfect for every type of BDSM nipple play even electric nipple clamps! We offer free-next day shipping on all orders which are packaged and delivered discreetly. 

With so many different weighted nipple clamps to choose from, check out our entire collection and choose your favourite today. Happy shopping!