Collection: Vibrating nipple clamps

The great thing about nipple clamps is that there are so many different types to choose from with all offering something different. You can find classic nipple clamps, weighted nipple clamps and even electric nipple clamps but some of the most popular and pleasurable are definitely vibrating nipple clamps. Like other vibrating sex toys such as vibrators, vibrating butt plugs and vibrating cock rings, vibrating nipple clamps can create incredible sensations that are just not possible with batteries!

How do Vibrating Nipple Clamps Work?

Vibrating nipple clamps work just like regular nipple clamps which you attach onto your nipples. Different nipple clamps have different levels of pressure so this alone may cause pain or pleasure or may just be hard enough to hold onto your nipples. You then use the attached vibration controller to send pleasurable vibes through your nipples.

Many vibrating nipple clamps have variable vibration settings so you can control the intensity of the vibrations and also play with different vibration patterns. Nipple clamps for men can also be a great way to enhance your masturbation and also for teasing, pleasuring and experimenting with your partner. Vibrating nipple clamps are also excellent toys for dom/sub play as you can put them on your sub and buzz them until they are orgasming or begging for mercy.

How do Vibrating Nipple Clamps Feel?

The feeling created by vibrating nipple clamps depends on the intensity and patterns of the vibrations and your own response to them. For some people, very low-intensity vibrations are enough to get them seriously turned on while others need the dial turned right up to the max. Different patterns can also produce different levels of sexual pleasure while really strong vibes can be uncomfortable making them perfect for a little BDSM torture. 

How to Choose the Right Vibrating Nipple Clamps

As well as considering design and vibrating capabilities when choosing the right nipple clamps for your clamping session, another thing to check is whether they can be used on other parts of the body. Most vibrating nipple clamps can also be clipped to the ears, nipple, penis, clitoris and labia as well as any other areas you find erotic. This makes them some of the most versatile and popular sex toys and right at the top of the list of our customers’ favourite items. Just remember that some nipple clamps can pack a real pinch so if you are new to nipple clamping then start out slowly and carefully.

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