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Welcome To Nipple Clamps UK

Our nipples are some of the most sensitive erogenous zones for both men and women. They are full of sensitive nerve endings which makes them bona fide pleasure points. The great thing about nipples is that everyone’s are different. Some people like to have their nipples sucked and licked, others like to have them bitten or nibbled on and some enjoy having them pulled or twisted. 

For many people, however, their nipples are so sensitive that they need something that little bit extra special to titillate and stimulate them, pleasure and punish them. That is why nipple clamps are some of the most popular sex toys on the market for people of every gender and sexual orientation. Available in a range of different designs and with a variety of kinky features, nipple clamps are must-have items for every sex toy collection.

What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are sex toys which are literally clamped onto the nipples to provide pleasure and pain (which many people find incredibly pleasurable!) There are a number of different types of nipple clamps which can double up as both sex toys and as decorative nipple jewellery. Other nipple clamps have special features of functions such as vibrating settings or even electric shock functions. 

Many people find that they start out with basic nipple clamps and progress to these more extreme clamps. This often coincides with other BDSM or bondage experimentation with people pushing their limits and trying out new things.

What are Nipple Clamps Used For?

Some people put nipple clamps on themselves for extra sensations during sex or masturbation while others use them to tease or torture their partners. The latter is usually part of bondage or BDSM play with a dom using nipple clamps on their subs.

Nipple clamps can also be worn as part of a BDSM outfit along with a bondage hood, full gimp outfit, fishnets, high heels and rubber and leather corsets. Some doms will put nipple clamps on their subs and twist or pull them to administer punishment for disobedience (or just for fun!) Others may whip their sub’s clamped nipples with a leather whip or spank them with a paddle.

Some subs may use vibrating nipple clamps to pleasure their sub or electric shock clamps to punish them. While this may seem extreme to newbie nipple clampers, these sensations are nothing like you have ever experienced and can be incredibly intense and pleasurable. 

Who Can Use Nipple Clamps?

The great thing about nipple clamps is they can be used by anyone with nipples which means….everyone! There are nipple clamps designed especially for men and women and also many unisex clamps which can be used by both. This is what makes nipple clamps so popular among every gender and sexual orientation. 

At Nipple Clamps UK, we have a huge range of different clamps for everyone to enjoy both alone and with their partner(s). In fact, many of our nipple clamps can be used by multiple people at one time making them perfect for every imaginable fantasy and fetish. We pride ourselves on stocking only the best products available on the market so whatever you are looking for, you are sure to find it on our website.

What are the Different Types of Nipple Clamps?

There are various types of nipple clamps for you to enjoy and experiment with. Some of the different ranges we offer at Nipple Clamps UK include:

Standard Nipple Clamps

As the old saying goes, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and standard nipple clamps are still right up there with our best sellers. Simple, classic and effective, there are few sex toys as widely loved as a pair of high-quality nipple clamps. With a number of different styles and designs, standard nipple clamps not only feel great (or terrible, whichever you like!), but they also look amazing too and can double up as nipple jewellery with no need for piercings.

Weighted Nipple Clamps

Weighted nipple clamps come in various guises but they are essentially standard nipple clamps with extra weight added. This pulls down on the nipples constantly making for a more intense experience. Some of our favourites are our nipple clamps with mini buckets attached where you can add more weight and slowly tease and torture your partner (or yourself!)

Vibrating Nipple Clamps

As with all vibrating sex toys, vibrating nipple clamps provide unique sensations by sending sweet vibes through your nipples. This stimulates all the sensitive nerve endings in your nipples and can tease and pleasure you to the point of explosion. The vibes can also accentuate other sensations including nipple twisting, stretching and pinching.

Nipple Clamps with Collars

Nipple clamps with collars are the perfect dress-up items for BDSM and bondage roleplay. Attaching the nipple clamps to your sub’s nipples and attaching the collar around their neck will ensure that they know exactly who they belong to and that you can punish them easily for any disobedience or bad behaviour.

Men’s Nipple Clamps

Men love having their nipples played with just as much as women which is why there are a huge amount of nipple clamps designed especially for me. Some of these clamps have chains with penis or ball attachments while others have vibration or electric shock settings. There are also even bigger ranges of unisex nipple clamps for men, women and every other gender to enjoy. 

Why Buy Your Nipple Clamps from Nipple Clamps UK?

We have an enormous range of nipple clamps in every style and design and with various features and functions. All of our nipple clamps are made from the highest-quality materials with every model being tested by our in-house team of nipple clamp enthusiasts.

We offer free next-day shipping on all of our nipple clamps with discreet, reliable packaging and shipping guaranteed. 

With so many amazing nipple clamps available, what are you waiting for? Browse our full collection and add some of our must-have nipple clamps to your sex toy collection today!

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