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Collection: Electric nipple clamps

There are so many different types of nipple clamps on the market with each offering their own unique nipple clamping experience. As well as classic clamps, vibrating clamps and nipple clamps with integrated collars and chains, electric nipple clamps are some of the most popular. They provide sensations unlike anything you have ever felt before which can be great for both beginners and experienced nipple clampers alike.

What are Electric Nipple Clamps?

Electric nipple clamps are nipple clamps that are attached to wires through which an electrical current is passed from a mini battery-powered generator. The electricity travels up the wires and into your nipples sending mild electric shocks into your nipples and chest. This creates incredibly powerful sensations which are adjustable using the switches on the power pack. 

Are Electric Nipple Clamps Safe?

Giving your nipples electric shocks may sound scary but it can be be an incredibly intense and pleasurable experience. You are also able to control the current so that if it is too intense you can just turn it down. However, it is important to have a safe word in place if somebody else is in control of the current while you are wearing the nipple clamps. This is also necessary for any type of electric-based BDSM or bondage play because there is a finr line between pleasurable pain and unpleasantness.

Who Uses Electric Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are often used by BDSM and bondage practitioners as part of their dom/sub play. A dom may handcuff or tie up their sub and then use the electric clamps on their nipples for punishment (or pleasure!). Not only does this give the sub incredible sensations, but it is also a great way to experiment with trust and control which are vital aspects in BDSM and bondage play.

The Different Types of Electric Nipple Clamps 

There are a number of different electric nipple clamps available including soft pressure clamps and crocodile clip-style clamps. There are even electric nipple clamps with extra clamps for the clitoris, labia or penis. If you are a beginner to electric shock play, then you may want to consider starting out with the tamest vibrating nipple clamps before moving up to something more hardcore. It can be tempting to go full out straight away but the experience can take some getting used to. Enjoy your process, experiment with different clamps and currents and see what sparks your batteries!

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