Collection: Nipple clamps for men

There is a hugely diverse range of nipple clamps on the market offering a variety of different functions and features. These include vibrating and electric nipple clamps, weighted nipple clamps and clamps with collars but there are also nipple clamps which are perfect for men. These are often heavy-duty nipple clamps which can reduce even the biggest, toughest man into an obedient, submissive little slave. The great thing about nipple clamps is that even those advertised as “for men” or “for women” can actually be used by both. Everyone has nipples and everyone’s nipples are different so ignore the labels and see what works for you.

What are Nipple Clamps for Men Used For?

As their name suggests, nipple clamps for men are marketed as being…for men. However, that doesn’t mean that women can’t use them too. At Nipple Clamps UK, we want everyone to be able to enjoy all of our products so all of our men’s nipple clamps are actually unisex items. There are so many different nipple clamps for men and women that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to finding new and exciting clamps.

There are men’s nipple clamps with additional extras such as mouth stretching gags, nipple clamps with electric shock function and vibrating nipple clamps which will send sweet vibes through your hairy chest. There are also nipple-sucking toys which will nuzzle on your nipples and make them all pumped up and fluffy to pleasure or abuse. You can also find vibrating nipple clamps for men, weighted clamps and many more.

Nipple clamps for men are used for all the same reasons as standard nipple clamps. Doms like to use them to pleasure and punish their subs and also for decorative jewellery during BDSM roleplay. This is why there are many cool and creatively designed nipple clamps for men to jazz up your BDSM wardrobe.

What to Look for in Nipple Clamps for Men

When choosing nipple clamps for men, you need to consider what you want from your nipple clamps. Are you looking for something more decorative? Do you want nipple clamps that will allow you to deliver a pleasurable dose of pain to your sub? Are you looking for something a bit special such as electric shock nipple clamps, nipple clamps with collar or clamps with additional penis attachments.

At Nipple Clamps UK, we have all of these and more. Our huge range of different nipple clamps for men has everything you need to explore your fantasies and desires and take your BDSM and bondage play to another level.

All of our nipple clamps for men are made from the highest-quality materials so they will withstand hours of punishment (though we can’t say the same for your nipples!) Every product on our website comes with free next-day shipping across the UK so you won’t need to wait long to start tweaking and pinching some naughty nips! 

Browse our full range of nipple clamps for men and choose your favourites today!