Collection: Nipple clamps with collar

Nipple clamps come in a diverse range of styles and designs, with each pair having its own unique features and functions. There are vibrating nipple clamps, electric nipple clamps and even weighted nipple clamps for that extra stretch but some of the most popular are nipple clamps with collars. These are different types of nipple clamps that are attached to bondage collars and chains which can be used both as practical sex toys and as sexy items of BDSM attire. 

What are Nipple Clamps with Collar Used For?

Nipple clamps with collars are used for many fun reasons.

First of all, collar nipple clamps are an essential part of many people’s BDSM play with doms using them to both pleasure and punish their subs and to dress them up. Collars and chains are classic uniform for BDSM roleplay but adding nipple clamps take them to a whole other level. They allow doms to instantly deliver a shot of pain or pleasure to their subs and can also be used to chain their sub to hooks, lead them around by their nipples or keep them restrained.

How to Choose Nipple Clamps with Collar

There are a number of things to consider when you are choosing the best nipple clamps with collars for your BDSM and bondage play. The first thing to look at is the nipple clamps themselves. Are they well made with a cool design? Do they pack a serious pinch? Are they made of the right materials for your tastes? 

In particular, the strength of the clamp is very important. Some people like a really strong clamp that leaves them on the verge of tears at all times while others just like a light pinching sensation. Experiment with different clamps and see what works for you.

The next thing to consider is the collar or chain. Some nipple clamps have integrated slave collars which are perfect for branding your sub and making sure they understand that they belong to you. Others have simple chains to wrap around your sub's neck or to lead them around with. 

You will also need to choose between the special features that nipple clamps with collar offer. There are options with integrated vagina or penis clamps, nipple clamps with decorative bead chains, weighted nipple clamps and many more. 

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