What are Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are versatile, exciting sex toys which are used to stimulate and sometimes abuse nipples during sex and erotic play. As their name suggests, they are clamped onto the nipples of both men and women and can then be pulled, squeezed and twisted to increase the intensity of the sensation. There are also nipple clamps with various different features and functions which provide unique clamping experiences. 

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about nipple clamps so you can get the most out of your nipple clamping experience.

How do You Use Nipple Clamps?

Standard nipple clamps are very simple to use. All you need to do is clamp them onto your nipples and then they can be twisted, pulled and slapped however you (or your partner) likes. Nipple clamps can also be used to chain a sub up or restrain them using handcuffs, chains or a collar. They are also useful for leading subs around like a dog with a leash attached to their nipple chain (this is a good way to ensure a sub’s obedience.)

What are the Different Nipple Clamps Available?

There are many different types of nipple clamps available all of which offer unique and thrilling nipple clamping experiences. Some of the most popular are weighted nipple clamps, vibrating nipple clamps and electric nipple clamps. Weighted clamps pull down sharply on the nipples and allow you to add and take away weight to increase or decrease the force; vibrating nipple clamps work like standard vibrators and send pleasurable sensations through your chest; electric vibrators pass electric currents into your nips and are popular in BDSM play. 

Who can Use Nipple Clamps?

One of the best things about nipple clamps is that they are suitable for anyone with nipples which means everyone. They can be used solo during masturbation with you pleasuring or punishing your nipples yourself or during partner and dom/sub play. Giving control of your nipples up to your partner can be very exciting, particularly if they know what gets you off.

Are Nipple Clamps Safe?

Nipple clamps are very safe as long as you take care during play. Nipples are very flexible and so you should be able to be quite rough with them as long as you know your limits. When you are playing rough or when your partner is torturing or punishing your nipples, make sure you always have a safe signal or word agreed upon so you can stop them if it is hurting too much. This is particularly important if you are using electric nipple clamps. 

Nipple clamps are so much fun and are a must-have item in every BDSM and bondage lover’s collection. The best thing is to experiment with lots of different nipple clamps to see what gets your juices flowing and your nips tingling. Nipple play is great for men and women, masturbation and partner play and is the perfect way to take your sex life to another level.