The 5 Best Nipple Toys of 2023

A new year is a time for celebration, for reflection and for buying a chestful (pardon the pun!) of new nipple toys. 2022 saw some incredible new releases which helped to pinch and twist us into new orgasmic galaxies but 2023 is already shaping up to blow 2022 out of the water. For nipple-clamping aficionados and newbies alike, there are some seriously exciting sex toys being launched this year which are absolute must-haves for serious nipple toy collections. 

So without further adieu, here are the 5 best nipple toys of 2023.

1. Wearable Japanese Nipple Clamp Tower w/ Strap

Some experts believe that the first nipple clamps were ancient Japanese sewing clamps and this Japanese Nipple Clamp Tower plays homage to these origins. While the tower holds the clamps firmly in place allowing you complete control over the tightness of the pinch, the leather strap acts as a BDSM collar for the ultimate nipple slave sex toy.

2. Adjustable ‘D’ Shaped Nipple Clamps w/ Collar

This set comprises a heavy-duty metal collar which is perfect for sub-dom play with specially designed D-shaped nipple clamps and integrated screws. This means you can adjust the tightness twist by twist, providing ever-increasing pleasure and intense erotic torture until it's time to unscrew the clamps and release that pent-up climax!

3. Adjustable Pinch Nipple Clamps w/ Clit Clamp

Nipple clamping is all about that delicious pinch and these adjustable nipple clamps with an integrated clit clamp will pinch you in all the right places. The clamps have rubber ends to protect your skin whilst still ensuring they are kept securely in place. The nipple and clit clamps are connected by a metal chain so you can tug and yank on the clamps for that extra torturous joy!

4. Calliper Nipple Clamps w/ 2 Hanging Ball Weights

Weighted nipple clamps are ideal for pulling on helpless nips and can be used both for partner play and solo nipple torture. These calliper clamps provide a serious pinch while the 100g hanging ball weights mean there is a constant force on your nipples. Newbie nipple clampers beware!

5. Diamonte Extreme Nipple Clamps 

There are loads of beautiful nipple clamps which are as stunning as any nipple jewellery and these diamonte extreme clamps are some of our favourites! Available in black, gold and natural metal colour, they incorporate four screws so you can torture your nipples from every direction. Each is set with a dazzling diamonte which will ensure your nips look absolutely bedazzled even as they are being abused!

As you can see from this list, there are some seriously hot nipple clamps coming our way in 2023. From glamorous diamonte clamps that double up as jewellery to stunning Japanese nipple clamp towers which provide the perfect pinch pressure, there has never been a better time to expand your nipple clamp collection. If you only have one New Year’s Resolution, make 2023 the year you give your nipples the love they deserve.