How to Use Nipple Clamps for Maximum Pleasure

Nipple clamps are beautiful, versatile sex toys which are loved by men and women worldwide. Designed especially for pinching, stimulating and pleasuring our most sensitive erogenous zones, nipple clamps can be used to punish naughty subs, enhance orgasms and bring a unique twist (no pun intended!) to every type of sexual play. To make the most out of nipple clamps and avoid any mishaps, here is our guide to how to use nipple clamps for maximum pleasure.

Warm the Nipples Up First

Great nipple clamping is just like great sex: it’s all about the foreplay! You can’t just go ahead, clamp your nipples up and expect orgasms to explode. You need to make love to your nipples first! Teasing, licking, massaging and nibbling should all be vital first steps in your nipple clamping repertoire. This will warm your nipples up, heighten your sensitivity and get your nips ready for a little rough stuff.

Use Adjustable Nipple Clamps

Different people have different thresholds of pain and pleasure and so adjustable nipple clamps will have you find the perfect pressure. Even if you have a high pain threshold and love extreme sex play, it is still better to start out with your nipple clamps on the lightest pressure setting and then tighten them up as you get going. This will keep you safe and will also add increase the sexual tension and pleasure bit by bit until you are ready to explode.

Have a Safe Word in Place

Nipple clamps are often used in different forms of bondage and BDSM and so it is always important to have a safe word in place so that your partner knows when desirable pain and discomfort has become too much. Hand signals can also be used to direct your partner to increase or decrease pressure, particularly if you are wearing a mask, gag or hood which prevents you from speaking. Using nipple clamps for partner play requires a lot of trust so make sure you and your partner are on the same page and you are in for a good time!

Remove the Nipple Clamps at the Right Time

Many people don’t realise but removing nipple clamps at the right moment is what can really take your pleasure to another level. Just as your partner is about to orgasm, or when they are in the middle of a climax, that is the perfect moment. This will cause the blood to pump back into the nipples rapidly while also stimulating the release of oxytocin, the chemical that is released when you climax. This will cause a sensory overload which is unlike anything you have ever experienced!

We hope these simple tips will help you take your nipple clamping play to a whole new level. Remember that warming the nipples up and making sure you are careful at all times is the best way to use nipple clamps for maximum pleasure. Take your time over foreplay, communicate with your partner and choose the optimum moment to take the nipple clamps off. This will not only ensure your safety but will also help create explosive orgasms that other sex toys can only dream of.