How to Safely Use Nipple Clamps

Nipple clamps are hugely popular sex toys around the world and can add some serious spice to BDSM, sexual roleplay and good ol’ rumpy-pumpy. They stimulate all the sensitive nerve endings in the nipples and restrict blood flow which can magnify the power of climaxes. While nipple clamps are generally very safe, it is important to know how to use them properly to prevent mishaps. This is particularly true for beginner nipple clampers who may be wondering how to get started.

To help you maximise your pleasure and avoid any risks, here is our simple guide to how to safely use nipple clamps.

1. Choose the Right Nipple Clamps

First and foremost, choosing the right nipple clamps is key to safe nipple play. If you are new to nipple clamping, you may want to start out with something a little simple with adjustable pressure so you can see what feels good. Once you have found your feet, you can then work your way up to more extreme nipple clamps and start experimenting with weighted and vibrating clamps which provide a more intense nipple clamping experience.

2. Use the Lowest Tightness Settings

The best nipple clamps have adjustable tightness settings so you can find the perfect force for your nipples. It is usually advisable to start off with the lowest tightness settings and then up the ante when you are feeling comfortable. If you automatically set your nipple clamps to the tightest setting, you can hurt yourself and potentially damage your nipple. Start off with a light pinch and turn the screw for extra sensations.

3. Be Mindful of Circulation

Nipple clamps are designed to disrupt circulation which heightens nipple sensitivity and magnifies orgasms. However, cutting off circulation for too long can bring some serious health risks. As well as being careful with clamp tightness, you should also be careful with prolonged nipple clamp use. Start out with 5-minute intervals and work your way to longer sessions, never going over 30 minutes at a time.  

4. Always Use a Safe Word 

Nipple clamps are the perfect sex toys for a range of BDSM roleplays but you should always use a safe word when using them. This will allow you to tell your partner when you are in discomfort and when the pain is no longer pleasurable. If you are wearing a BDSM mask or hood along with your nipple clamp and collar set so you can’t speak, agree on a safe hand gesture so your partner knows when to take the nipple clamps off.

5. Prepare for Nipple Clamp Removal

For many people, it is the removal of nipple clamps that brings the most intense sensations as the blood rushes back to the nipples. To prepare for this, massage your nipples and breasts before, during and after removing the clamps.

As you can see, the safe use of nipple camps is very straightforward as long as you take the proper precautions. The most important thing is to be careful when putting on and taking off the nipple clamps and to communicate with your partner at all times. By following these five simple tips, you will be able to use your nipple clamps safely and take your sexual sensations to a whole new level.