How do Nipple Clamps Feel?

Nipple clamps are incredibly popular sex toys which are used by men, women and partners alike. As their name suggests, they are clamped onto your nipples either to provide pleasure and pain and also as decorative attachments which can be worn like nipple piercings. There are many different types of nipple clamps available including weighted nipple clamps, vibrating clamps and electric clamps. All of these different types provide a different experience which can be erotic and uniquely pleasurable.

But how do nipple clamps feel? Are they painful or are they like other sex toys?

In this article, we will answer these questions and more to give you all the knowledge you need to enter the world of nipple clamps.

Why do People Use Nipple Clamps?

People use nipple clamps for both pleasure and for pain (because for many people pain = pleasure!) The nipples are incredibly sensitive parts of the body with a huge number of nerve endings so they are perfect for targeting during every type of sexual activity. They can be licked, pinched, bitten, slapped, twisted, pulled and sucked to create amazing sensations.

Are Everyone’s Nipples the Same?

Absolutely not, and that’s what makes nipples so fun! Everybody’s nipples react differently to different stimuli and contact. While your nipples may be incredibly sensitive and the softest brush of a tongue can send you into internal cartwheels, other people get off from having their nipples well and truly abused. Nipple clamps are great because there are so many different types that you are sure to find some that work for you.

How do Different Types of Nipple Clamps Feel?

Standard nipple clamps usually feel like a strong pinch but this depends on how much pressure the clamps exert. Weighted nipples clamps increase the force on your nipples with the extra weight pulling down hard. Vibrating clamps can feel incredible as they shoot pleasurable vibes through your chest. Electric nipple clamps can feel serious intense as your nips receive electric shocks. It’s all about what gets you going.

Are Nipple Clamps Ever Painful?

Yes, some nipple clamps are painful but it’s important to remember that they are designed to be. Many people love the sharp pinch of a nipple clamp, the increasing tension and force of a weighted nipple clamp pulling down on a sore nip, the torturing buzz of an electric current from an electric nipple clamp. The crucial thing is that you know your own limits and have safe words and gestures in place for when things get too much. Agree on this with your partner before nipple play and you can really push your boundaries.

Nipple clamps feel different for different people but they are fantastic sex toys for bondage, BDSM and a whole range of sexual experimentation. If you have particularly sensitive nipples or you like to play with the lines between pleasure and pain then it is important to have a safe word agreed with your partner so you can stop if things get too painful. This will help to ensure your nipple play doesn’t cross the line and you don’t risk any serious harm. Have fun!