Best Nipple Clamps in 2022

Nipple clamps are some of the most popular sex toys around the world for both men and women. Every year, new nipple clamp styles and designs are released which help people take their nipple clamping fun to a whole new level. 2022 was a particularly exciting year with so many unique and creative nipple clamps hitting the market. Finding our favourite five was a bigger challenge than expected because there were just so many to choose from.

However, we did our best and we are (with big apologies to those clamps which didn’t make the cut!) delighted with our final choices. So without further ado, here are our 5 best nipple clamps in 2022.

1. NCUK Electric Shock Pack

Our NCUK Electric Shock Pack are seriously intense electric nipple clamps which send electric currents through your nips and across your chest. With adjustable currents, these nipple clamps are perfect for pushing your limits, experimenting with pain and pleasure and experiencing intense sensations that are unlike anything else! Serious nipple clamps for serious BDSM lovers.

2. Hard Adjustable Nipple Clamps w/ Clit Clamp

These stunning matte black nipple clamps on a chain are some of our favourite unisex clamps because they come with a third clamp. This can be put anywhere you like but we personally enjoy it on the clit, cock, labia and scrotum. The great thing about Hard Adjustable Nipple Clamps w/ Clit Clamp is that your dom can then use the attached chain to drag you around by whatever the clamps are attached to. Perfect for naughty doms!

3. Extreme Punishment Nipple Clamps w/ Mouth Hook

We love these unisex clamps with extra mouth stretching gag because they are so versatile. You can wear the whole set together or you can mix and match them with your partner. While we were testing the Extreme Punishment Nipple Clamps w/ Mouth Hook, we even had one person with a clamp on his balls, another with a clamp on her clit and a third lucky person with the gag in her mouth. What else could you ask for from a sex toy? 

4. Cantilever Nipple Clamps w/ Bucket Weights

Not only do these weighted nipple clamps look cute, but they are a whole lot of fun. Cantilever Nipple Clamps w/ Bucket Weights incorporate some classic steel nipple clamps with miniature steel buckets hanging off them. While the weight of the buckets themselves will tug at your naughty nips, you have the added option of filling the buckets with more weight. This is a great way to stretch your…limits…and see how much your poor nipples can take. Cantilever Nipple Clamps w/ Bucket Weights can also be attached to other parts of the body to test their elasticity!

We hope that our rundown of the 5 best nipple clamps of 2022 has given you some inspiration. 2022 has been an amazing year for nipple clamp lovers and we feel totally spoilt with all the options. With barely three months to go until 2023, our nipples have already started tingling in anticipation of what the next year will bring. What this space, folks!